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Replace eight of your family’s grooming
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Founder explains the Therapeutic
Benefits of Rosewood and Seawater

Anti Aging & Solution Based  Natural Skin Care

Authentic Skin Remedies for face is a five step regimen that is perfect for all skin types focusing on anti-aging and nourishment. We also have two custom masques based on specific skin needs: one for soothing and anti-inflammation, and one for replenishing and intense hydration.

Our Bath & Body Luxeline is a three step regimen to polish, gloss, quench and nourish the skin from head to toe. Our natural skincare contains plant and fruit based botanicals, including pure essential oils. Our modern approach to age prevention, restoration, and curing common skin imbalances is simple! Replenish skin with what it needs, and it will transform itself.

Authentic Skin Remedies employs highly active, hydrating trace minerals, pure vitamins, and live energy from plants that mimic the skin natural chemistry. By restoring its individual balance, you will uncover your true authentic skin. Authentic Skin Remedies offers highly concentrated plant-based skin care focusing on natural resources as the main ingredient, many of which are certified organic plant materials. All ingredients are paraben free and of course, cruelty free.


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"With Authentic Skin Remedies, clients will discover their authentic beauty—before sun, before toxins, before gravity—the healthy, beautiful skin they were born to have!"

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Awarded: Innovator and Champion For the Campaign For Safe Cosmetics  

National Association of Professional Women        

Trained Educator For The Breast Cancer Fund

Cruelty Free 

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